SDSU Learning Design and Technology Masters Degree Class Projects

Below you will find highlights of my work from a few project-based courses in the San Diego State University Learning Design and Technology Masters Degree Program (formerly Education Technology).

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    LDT561: Advanced Multimedia
    Project-based course where I demonstrated my experience with a wide range of multimedia technologies and design principles.
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    LDT700: Job Aids
    Project-based course on job aid design principles and practices.

LDT561: Advanced Multimedia

Project 1 - Advanced Photographic Effects using Mobile app software.


Project 2 - Advanced Video Effects: "Timelapse of Clouds"

his assignment was to apply video effects to something. I love watching timelapse video of clouds and record them out my bedroom window. Here's a sampling with some groovy video effects.
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Project 3: Explanatory Video: What is Virtual Reality

My goal was to do something comprehensive in a short amount of production time. I love virtual reality and 3D immersive technologies. I hope you find it useful and interesting.
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Project 4: Applying Audio Effects to Tell a Story
"Leaf Boy" - Listen to Audio

Based on "High and Lifted Up" by Mike Krath.


Project 5: Instructional Video - Introduction to the Robo3D Printer

This video is intended to introduce learners to the Robo 3D printer.
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Project 6 - Instructional Video : "The Raspberry-Pi and Wearable E-Health"

Wearable technology combined with e-health sensor technology can improve quality of life for people with pathophysiologies and even for healthy people to get healthier.
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Project 7: Instructional Video - Advanced Visualization with ANTz
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LDT670: Learning and Game Design. Instructor: Dr. Bernie Dodge

“Zombie Chefs”: Mathematics Instruction Board Game for Middle School Students.

The Zombie Chefs game board was designed with a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator. The game pieces were created with heat-activated plastic. The cards were created by writing a PHP script and using the GD library to automate the generation of a deck of 40 cards.

Game Board Design:

Zombie Chef Game Pieces:

Game Pieces

Zombie Chef Game Cards:

Tenth Question BacksTenth Question Fronts

LDT671: Learning Design Environments. Instructor: Dr. Bob Hoffman.

“All About 3D”: Proposed Booth Design for San Diego Science Festival EXPO Day at Petco Park. Design prototype was built with Google Sketchup, Photoshop, and Ilustrator. Booth was actually constructed in 2014.

View Project Page at:

All About 3D

All About 3D Exhibit LayoutAll About 3D Exhibit LayoutAll About 3D Exhibit LayoutAll About 3D Exhibit LayoutAll About 3D Exhibit Layout

LDT700: Job Aids, Instructor: Dr. Minjuan Wang

Robo3D Printer Video Tutorial developed with Captivate, Camtasia, and Illustrator, in collaboration with classmate Jay Taylor.

View Demo at:

Example of embedded video for practical demonstrations.

Example of using callouts for accessibility.

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