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  • XSEDE Badging prototype.¬†
  • This course is intended to help students understand two-dimensional and three-dimensional visualization of data distributed in space and time (i.e. "spatiotemporally").
  • For Fall 2013. This is an introductory course on using PHP and MySQL to create dynamic web applications. Click the link and proceed to login with the username and password provided to you by your instructor. Please contact me if you do not have an account.
  • [CLOSED] This is an introductory course on Javascript programming for Cuyamaca College CIS students and others interested in learning Javascript.
  • [CLOSED]¬†This is an introductory course on dynamic web application development using Adobe Flash Professional.
  • 2011 CLOSED - Course expired
  • e-Mentoring
  • This is an introductory workshop on mashups using Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Google Earth, Javascript, and Flash.

  • This course is for educators participating in the ComPASS Project. It is intended to help them learn basic tasks using Moodle with the objective of sharing experiences, challenges, and best practices while teaching the CS Principles curriculum.
  • This is a series of lessons on how to create 2D and 3D animation using Flash CS4 and Blender.

  • This is a series of lessons developed for a week-long introductory Matlab workshop.

  • Oncofertility is a new field of medicine that addresses issues of future child-bearing and quality of life concerns of young cancer patients. Several years ago, the NIH funded a multi-center, interdisciplinary grant to explore and investigate these important issues, including the creation of an outreach educational program in cancer and reproductive science for high school girls. An academic curriculum was initially established at Northwestern University, Oregon National Primate Research Center, and the University of California, San Diego. These were later joined by teaching programs at University of Pennsylvania and the University of Colorado. The impetus of the NIH grant has allowed each institution, including UCSD, to carry forward this important teaching effort. The primary objective of this educational program is to attract, prepare and retain girls in science majors and careers.

    Oncofertility Science Academy at UC San Diego, Summer 2013

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