Cuyamaca College, Fall 2012, Instructor - Jeff Sale

Section 1188
This is a fully online section - please see How Online Classes Works to learn more about what to expect from a fully-online course.

Attention! This course will not be taught with Blackboard this semester. The content management system we will be using will be my own Moodle site. I will be sending email out to all enrolled students the week prior to the beginning of the fall semester, August 20, with details regarding how to access the course site. If you do not receive an email from me, please email me.

CIS 219 covers Web Development using PHP and MySQL. This course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to use the PHP scripting language to develop dynamic web-based applications. Topics of study include the fundamentals of scripting, using PHP with HTML forms, creating functions, and integrating with the MySQL database. Plan to spend at least 5-10 hours per week on this class if you hope to get a grade of B or better.   You must have reliable access to Internet to complete this class. You are expected to check Blackboard and email at least twice per week.

Learn how to create an interactive Web site, allowing visitors to post and retrieve information provided by you or your site's visitors. In this fully online course you'll see how to create dynamic Web pages using the PHP programming language and the MySQL database server.

During the course, you'll walk through the development of a complete content management system Web application. You'll receive clear, step-by-step, instructions demonstrating how to create a complete Web site capable of dynamically displaying data from a MySQL database.

You'll discover how you can allow your site's visitors to add new information to an online database, search through posted data, and create meaningful printed reports. By the end of this course, you'll have plenty of useful code templates that will help you create your very own dynamic, Web-based, content management system.


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