Antz Grid Distribution

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Click the images below to familiarized yourself with how Antz Branch Levels and basic grid distributions.


Use the form below to select object parameters for up to 6 Branch Levels.

Click Submit and download the compressed zip files. Extract the files and run the .bat file. The antz.exe or antz_b.exe executable should launch and automatically open the associated CSV data file.

See some examples of what's possible...

Select # of Branch Level 0 and 1 Objects

Enter # of antz in X: Enter X Spacing factor:

Enter # of antz in Y: Enter Y Spacing factor:

Enter # of antz in Z: Enter Z Spacing factor:


Set Geometry and Scale for Branch Level 0 and 1 Objects

There are two "core" objects for each "toroid" grouping. By default the Branch Level 0 Geometry will be a pin and a Branch Level 1 Geometry will be a toroid, around which the subobjects are distributed.

BL 0 Scale:

BL 0 Topology:

BL 1 Scale:

BL 1 Topology:

Enter Branch Level-Specific Details:

Branch Level 2 (BL 2)

Enter # of antz in BL 2:

BL 2 Scale:

BL 2 Topology:


Branch Level 3 (BL 3)

Enter # of antz in BL 3:

BL 3 Scale:

BL 3 Topology:


Branch Level 4 (BL 4)

Enter # of antz in BL 4:

BL 4 Scale:

BL 4 Topology:


Branch Level 5 (BL 5)

Enter # of antz in BL 5:

BL 5 Scale:

BL 5 Topology:


Branch Level 6 (BL6)

Enter # of antz in BL 6:

BL 6 Scale:

BL 6 Topology:


Set Subobject Origin Offset:


Select Object Colors

Select a Default Color for all Objects, then modify colors individually for Branch Levels 2 through 6. Use the Color Legend as a guide.

Branch Level Color Color Legend