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Advanced Visualization of Bing Search Results, Various Terms

Primary and Subobject Color Legends

Subobject Legend

Search Results for Term "Science" in Grid Layout

Bing Search - Science  Bing Search - Science

Download ANTz Example for search term "science".

Download sample dataset for "science" search.

Download ANTz Example for search term "artistic".

Download sample dataset for "artistic" search.

Various Topological Distributions of Search Result Antz

  Bing Search - Science


"Octant Space" Visualizations

Yo-Yo Ma vs. Ross Adey in Octant Space


The octant space files for Yo-Yo Ma and Ross Adey load into ANTz with the branch level 0 objects selected. This is so you have the option of making them transparent so the sub-objects containing the topic space data are enhanced.

When you first run the antz.exe file, hit the 1 key to load the data, click and hold the left parenthesis key "(" to transparentize the branch level 0 objects, then hit the 4 key to select and deselect all objects to hide the yellow wireframe pin selection objects, then hit the 2 key and the 3 key to load the axes for the art and science octant spaces.

The two different octants contain the same search result glyphs, but their distributions are different based on whether they are more or less science- or art-related. Keep in mind my choice of science vs. art is arbitrary, it was simply a first example, a place to start. The entire english language is at our disposal.



Download Yo-Yo Ma ANTz Viz

Download sample dataset for "yo yo ma" search.

Download Ross Adey ANTz Viz

Download sample dataset for "ross adey" search.


Octant Space Visualization of Search Term "Artistic"



Download ANTz Example for "artistic" search.

Download sample dataset for "artistic" search.

Search Terms "Art" vs. "Science" in Topic Space Clustered Around Single Root Object

Search Space Topologies


Comparative Visualizations of Three Terms in Topic Space, "Larry Smarr", "Science", and "Art"

Download sample dataset for "larry smarr" search.